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    UWA and Otago Delegations Visit SMST
    2018-10-16 11:13   審核人:

           During the time of NWPU’s 80th anniversary, School of Marine Science and Technology warmly welcomed delegations from the University of West Australia, Australia and the University of Otago, New Zealand. With these two groups, representatives from SMST had the in-depth discussion on talents cultivation and the co-construction of the experimental platform for the reciprocal development in the future.


          At about 9:00 on October 15, 2018, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Department Sun Wubin, and Deputy Dean of SMST Wang Huigang, on behalf of SMST met with Kate Wright, Dean of the Graduate School, UWA and Dr. Zhao Wenhua from the Oceanographic Research Center, UWA in SMST Conference Room 201. Representatives Sun and Wang extended their welcome and made a brief introduction of SMST in terms of the primary domain of research and the international cooperation. Professor Wright noted that the scientific research fields of SMST matched up well with the study in the Oceanographic Research Center in UWA. Dr. Zhao said the Hydromechanics that he had been working on for years was also one of the key research directions in SMST, and he sincerely looked forward for the further collaboration with SMST on this part of study.

          At about 11am, Andrew Lonie, the Graduate School Director from University of Otago visited SMST. He highly appreciated the academic research and experimental achievements made by SMST, and expressed that the long coastline of New Zealand would be a great place to carry out experiments if the cooperation between two schools could be achieved. Deputy Dean Wang Huigang referred to details of the cooperation such as various types of talents cultivation, approaches to international scholarship application, and credits exchange between two schools. The two sides took pictures and exchanged gifts after the meeting.