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    EIC Fellow Shen Xuemin Visits SMST
    2018-10-24 09:59   審核人:

           On October 23, 2018, invited by the President Assistant Yang Yixin, the Engineering Institute of Canada Fellow (EIC Fellow), Canadian Academy of Engineering Fellow (CAE Fellow), Royal Society of Canada Fellow (RSC Fellow), IEEE Fellow, the Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society and Communications Society, the Professor in Department of Electronical and Computer Engineering, and Associate Chair for Graduate School in University of Waterloo, Canada, Shen Xuemin paid his visit to School of Marine Science and Technology.

           At 9am, hosting by the associate professor Lei Bo, the academic report, “Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks”, was started at Room 1 in International Convention Center. Academician Yuanliang Ma and faculties and students from SMST, School of Electronics and Information, and School of Computer Science attended such academic gathering.


    In the beginning of Professor Shen’s talk, he guided his audience into 5G Networks, the advanced technology that was argued to be able to “achieve diverse and enhanced KPIs and support diverse applications and services”. However, Professor Shen asked that “how challenge and difficult it is to achieve such performance”. Having this question in mind, Professor Shen brought out his solution: “Space-Air-Ground Integrated Networks”, which combines the advantages of different networks to achieve the performance goal.

           After the academic report, Academician Ma Yuanliang and President Assistant Yang Yixin, together with other professors, met with Professor Shen at Room 3 in International Convention Center. The two sides confirmed the significance of continuing the study on 5G Networks. Professor Shen spoke highly of the scientific research ability of NWPU, and hoped that there could be cooperation between two schools to further promote the development on new technologies.