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    The 5th Annual Culture Festival of NPU
    2018-11-12 11:33   審核人:

    Would you like to dance with us?


    Are you willing to try on the traditional amazing clothes of different countries taking pictures?


    Will you have a taste for exotic delicious foods?


    Come and join us at NPU’s culture festival!

    On November 2nd, the 5th Annual Culture Festival of NPU was opened in Youyi Campus! Foreign teachers and students from 28 countries will show up.


    In 2018, NPU has 556 foreign students from 64 countries around the world. They will have many unforgettable and meaningful experiences and memories studying at NPU.


    NPU’s Vice Principal Zhang Weihong and event organizers came here today to welcome the international students and wish them a prosperous  and wonderful time studying at NPU!


    The purpose of college is to develop and cultivate one’s skills, to obtain a higher education to perfect oneself in life. Campus environment and culture are such important that NPU arranged many different activities for its students to participate in to broaden their horizons.


    NPU established an English group to interpret NPU’s history to international teachers, students, and guests.

    Based on international student’s hobbies, NPU organized corresponding sports teams and held various competitions and activities to enrich their lives.


    The China Scholarship Council (CSC) hosted a Chinese recital contest for foreign students. NPU sent 5 foreign students to participate in the contest in which they sang a Chinese song, recited a Chinese poem, and expressed their love to Xi’an with wonderful performance. As a result, they were awarded the runner-up.

    Foreign students from 25 countries went to Chenggu (Shaanxi Province) to be volunteers and give the children a cultural performance.