[academic report] The School of Marine Science and Technology successfully held the academic report, the development trend of marine coatings.
    2019-10-11 11:21

    The academic report namedthe development trend of marine coatingswas successfully held in room 201 of the School of Marine Science and Technology on the morning of October 11, 2019. Invited by Professor Hu Haibao, the chief engineer of Marine Chemical Research Institute, Gui Taijiang introduced the knowledge of marine coatings and the technical development and applications of Marine Chemical Research Institute. The meeting was presided over by Associate Professor Du Peng, and over 20 teachers and students attended the meeting.

    Firstly, Du Peng expressed warm welcome to Mr. Gui on behalf of the school. Then he introduced the profile of Mr. Gui.

    Mr. Gui explained the background of marine coatings first, and proposed the direction of marine anticorrosive coatings, focusing on the characteristics of high solids and solvent-free anticorrosive coatings, and their application in marine and offshore engineering and new environmental protection, as well as the progress in research and application of rust pigments and corrosion inhibitors, self-healing coatings and graphene-containing anticorrosive coatings.

    Subsequently, Gui Taijiang reported about the current situation of the Marine Chemical Research Institute, and introduced the technical breakthroughs and applications of the anti-aircraft coatings and offshore wind turbine blades.

    With clear ideas and rigorous thinking, Gui Taijiang gave an excellent report. The report lasted for more than an hour, and finally, he answered the questions raised by teachers and students. After the meeting, the students expressed their great interest and further understanding of marine coatings.

    Profile:Gui Taijiang is the chief engineer of Marine Chemical Research Institute, senior engineer, deputy director of National Key Laboratory of Marine Coatings, executive director of China Society of Corrosion and Protection, Chairman of China Coatings Association Expert Committee China Corrosion Member of the Water Environment Professional Committee of the Institute of Protection and Protection, Vice Chairman of the Corrosion and Defacement Professional Committee of the China Ocean and Limnology Society, and a member of the American Steel Structure Painting Association.

    He is engaged in the research and development of marine coatings, functional coatings and functional materials, and presided over forty national and provincial scientific research projects. He is also a member of the editorial board ofPaint & Coatings Industry,China Coatings, Modern Painting& Finishing.He applied for 10 national invention patents and eight authorized. He has participated in the preparation of three painting monographs and published more than 50 papers.